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25-Nov-2016 15:10

This makes quite a comparison to how many young people organize their first dates, which usually involve meeting up in a bar.

Several of today’s dating services are built specifically around this concept: Grouper, for example, hooks up groups of young people in bars and offers them a free first drink as part of the package. The fundamental premise behind most dating services for young people is that the ultimate goal is to find love and marriage.

This reinforces a message that young people get hammered with on a daily basis: nothing matters more than how you look.

We’d be lying if we said that appearance wasn’t important at all to the over-55 demographic, but it turns out to be a much lower priority.

Part of this is probably the wisdom that comes with age, but even more significant is an essential truth about how age works.

Once you get into your fifties and beyond, the actual number of your age becomes less and less significant.

Let’s take a look at nine things you (probably) didn’t know about dating for older adults: It seems counter-intuitive to say that people characterized by one attribute — how old they are — don’t care as much about age when looking for a companion, but it’s true.

Young people are incredibly age-prejudiced, to such an extent that age is one of the most important filter criteria used to find a match on online dating sites. Age is the second-most important attribute used to help users determine if they’re interested in a potential match (after the photo).

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Because no matter how old you get, one thing about human nature never changes: nobody likes feeling lonely.

While this is true for some older adults, it is far from universal.

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