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Supreme, Fourcolorzach Viceroy—Nuyorica: Greg Vandy Vogue—Confessional: DJ Paul Aleinikoff War Room—Wicked & Wild: Johnny Horn, Soul One, Watertown—Fre Quinox Blue Moon—Potty Mouth Society, PBR Street Gang Cafe Venus—Oval League, Solyoni, Scott Mcchane, Can Can—Tableau Vivant with the Bad Things Orchestra (7 and 10 pm) Central Saloon—Late September Dogs, Underride, Love on the Rocks, Rishloo, Century Ballroom—The Solomon Douglas Swingtet ( pm, all ages), Chop Suey—Bedouin Soundclash, guests, .50 Club Hollywood Casino—Groovalicious, Comet Tavern—Mos Generator, Patrol, Flamethrower, Conor Byrne—The Harborrats Crocodile Cafe—Sauza, Drop Six, Havablast, Open Choir Fire, free Doc Maynard's—Superfekta, Enkrya Eagan's Jam House—Victor Noriega Trio El Corazón—Wild Side, Post Stardom Depression, Top Heavy Crush, Omnivoid, Fuel—The Cauze, Translated, the Connection, Jayd Funhouse—Blööd Hag, the Kept, Sindios, Left Hand Army, Gallery 1412—MYRMYR (8 pm, all ages), - Hell's Kitchen—Temperedcast, Tarnished, Dichroi, 9 pm, High Dive—Thee Emergency, Iceage Cobra, Boss Martians, Four Counts Dirty, Highliner—Kuli Loach, free Highway 99 Blues Club—Jude Bowerman Band, Jai Thai—Famous Chase and the Have Nots Jazz Alley—Marian Mc Partland ( pm, all ages), .50 Jazzbones—The Paperboys, Megan Munroe, Jules Maes Saloon—Marshal Scott Warner & Billy Dwayne Kells—St. Smith See Sound Lounge—Ramiro (Uniting Souls) Temple Billiards—DJs Jay Anderson, Brad Peterson, guests Toi—DJ Christyle Tost Lounge—Kristina Childs, pm, free Trinity Nightclub—DJs Phase, Spiker, Deeb Triple Door—DJ Tamara, free Venom—Toxic: DJ Tamm (Top 40) Viceroy—DJ N8 Vito's—Sucker Free Friday: DJ Tre (hiphop) Vogue—On the Edge: DJ Paul Aleinikoff War Room—Hot Mess!

: DJs Jackie Beat, Barbeau, Colby B., Julie Herrera, L. Kendall Watertown—'80s and '90s Dance Night Whisky Bar—DJ Lance Rock Blue Moon—Dr.

Hellno & the Yes Men, Firecrotch Bop Street Records—Dateless, Delay, the Plankton Beat ( pm, all ages), free Cafe Venus—Motorik, the Beltholes, Ghost Lobby, Central Saloon—Trepan, Nigel Mustafa, Betty Ford Falcons, Century Ballroom—Swing Opus One Big Band ( pm, all ages), Chop Suey—After-Hemptfest Party: Wisdom Rocker T, DJ Element, Club Hollywood Casino—The Disco Ballz, Comet Tavern—Wages of Sin, White Knuckle Ride, Hard Money Saints, Conor Byrne—Crumac Crocodile Cafe—The Young Fresh Fellows, Paul Lynde Fanclub, the Need Machine, Doc Maynard's—River Bend, Cornerstone Downtown YMCA—Japanther, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Underground Railroad to Candyland, the Pharmacy ( pm, all ages), / El Corazón—Don Caballero, Zombi, Sean, 10 pm, / Funhouse—The Spits, Vince Saxon's Beat Slaves, DJ Mamma Casserole, 4 pm, Hanta House—Methfest: Antlers, Syphilis Sauna, Walls, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (9 pm, all ages), Hell's Kitchen—Taboo Revue: Broken Oars, Neutral Boy, 9 pm, HEMPFEST—Mos Generator, Xanther, Subjekt 2 Change, Sledgeback, and many more (noon, all ages), free The Hideout—The Adam Hunter Trio, free High Dive—The Cops, Sunday Night Blackout, the Saturday Knights, Highliner—The Daily Flash, Freddie and the Screamers, free Highway 99 Blues Club—Little Bill & the Bluenotes, Jai Thai—The Shanks Jazz Alley—Marian Mc Partland ( and pm, all ages), .50 Jazzbones—Lady A & the Baby Blues Funk Band, In the House, Dancin' Man's All Star Blues Jam, Jules Maes Saloon—The Pheromones, Goose Vargis Kells—St. (Seattle Drum School)—Pris, DFR, Pocket-Bilt Cannon (7 pm, all ages), Little Red Hen—Knut Bell, Lobo Saloon—Fused, Greenhaven, Smoky Mountain Skullbusters Molly Maguire's—Heather Banker, free Monkey Pub—Gutbomb, Four Easy Pieces, Neumo's—Comets on Fire, Kinski, 16 Bitch Pile Up, New Orleans Creole—The Rent Collectors, Owl N' Thistle—Owl & Thistle Band Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Al Rowe Project Rainbow—The Frozen Meats, the Tailgunners, Symon Asher, Redhook Brewery—Harvey Danger, Slender Means, IQU, the Ruby Doe, / Showbox—Barcelona, Fair, Deccatree, Dating Delilah (8 pm, all ages), Skylark Cafe and Club—Hypatia Lake, Lillydale, Skullbot, free Sunset Tavern—Eddie Spaghetti, All-American Playboys, Twink the Wonderkid, Tommy's—Bum's Island Slacker Trabant Chai Lounge—Silas, Kris Orlowski (8 pm, all ages), free Tractor Tavern—Johnny Mercury, the Black Crabs, Hank Angel & His Island Devils, Triple Door—World Vision Benefit featuring Spike & the Impalers (7 pm, all ages), Tula's—Milo Petersen and the Jazz Disciples, 67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down Alibi Room—DJ Diskyze Bad Juju Lounge—DJ Giraffe (punk, indie), free Bada Lounge—DJ Respect Ballroom—DJ Pete Ditty Baltic Room—Rich Medina Belltown Billiards—DJ Elad Bus Stop—DJ Toast Chapel—Flea Market: Rotating DJs Club Mantra—Saturday Night Special: DJs Roc'Phella, D'Doxx, Cuff—DJ Stacey Deep Down Lounge—Onset: Guest DJs Element—Urban Atmosphere: DJs Krayz, Chinky Eye, Tre, Fuel—DJ Karl Kamakahi Heavens—Destination Saturday (house) Jillian's—DJ Ben Jammin' Kincora—Harder: DJ Seth (metal, punk) Last Supper Club—Progressive House Saturdays Lava Lounge—Cream on Wax Marcus'—DJ KO, Colby, guests Mirabeau Room—Mash UP: DJs Josh Quest, Brett Michaels, guests Nectar—DJ Crime, CB Shaw, Theory In Motion, guests Neighbours—White Party: DJ Randy Schlager Neighbours Underground—Fresh: DJ E-Bam (18 ), Noc Noc—Crucifixion: DJ Shane R Place—DJ Riz Re-bar—Frankenboot: DJ Freddy King of Pants, Seattle Eagle—DJ Funkybear See Sound Lounge—DJ Bryce, guests Toi—Resident DJs (Top 40, house, old school) Tost Lounge—DJ ML Trinity Nightclub—DJs Niros, Brad Miller, Jason Lemaitre, guests Triple Door—DJ Greg J, free Venom—Sin City Saturdays: DJ Krayz Viceroy—DJ N8 Vito's—Uptown Lounge: DJ Doubles (hiphop, old school) Vogue—Time Warp: DJ Evan Blackstone War Room—Yo Son!

James's Gate Kirkland Teen Center—The Tabs, Mediocre Lad, Throw Out ( pm, all ages), L. : DJs DV-One, B-Mello, Soul One, / Watertown—Desire Whisky Bar—DJ Lance Rock Baltic Room—Methfest: Dead, Goly Grim, Penetration Camp, Slicing Grandpa, free Blue Moon—Straight Ahead Free Jazz Jam Session Cafe Venus—Michaud, guests, Central Saloon—Seahorse, Princess Johnny & the Sex-Changes, the Sacred Dice, Century Ballroom—The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, the Ham Carson Quartet ( pm, all ages), Chop Suey—Demo-Listen Derby: Two Loons for Tea, Monkey Grunt, Sweetjuice, guests, Crocodile Cafe—Floater, guests (8 pm, all ages), / El Corazón—Hempfest Afterparty: Rehab, Unexpected Arrival, DJ Chris Crisis, guests (7 pm, all ages), Funhouse—Sado-Nation, Ashtray, Happy Ending, I Live With Zombies, (4 pm) Hell's Kitchen—Schoolyard Heroes, Sirens Sister, the Lonely H, the Pattern's End (5 pm, all ages), HEMPFEST—The Panda Conspiracy, Windowpane, Temperedcast, Drownmary, and many more (noon, all ages), free High Dive—This is My Gun, the Motives of Erich Zann, Jab Jam, Jai Thai—Goodybagg Jazzbones—Big Monti ( pm, all ages), Kells—Liam & Bernie Le Pichet—Laurie Katherine Carlsson Legends—The Laurie Miller Jam Little Red Hen—The Davanos Mirabeau Room—206Ribshack: E-Dog, Thaddeus Turner, Davee E, Gerald Turner Nectar—Umber Sleeping, Hello Stranger, Lady Krishna's Peppermint Lounge, free Neumo's—Unexpected Arrival, the Rebelz, Dyme Def, d RED.i, Willie Will, guests (8 pm, all ages), New Orleans Creole—Maia Santell & House Blend, Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Eric Fridirch Studio Seven—Gorrilla Productions Battle of the Bands (6 pm, all ages), Sunset Tavern—The Suffering Fuckheads, Tractor Tavern—The Derailers, Knut Bell & the Blue Collars, / Triple Door—Richie Havens ( pm, all ages), / Tula's—Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, 8 pm, Alibi Room—DJ E-Race Bada Lounge—Industry Night: DJ Christyle Belltown Billiards—Industry Night: DJ Hernandez Hernandez Capitol Club—Souled Out: DJ Joshua, free Chapel—Ticklejunk All Stars Club Mantra—Chocolate Sundays: DJ D'Doxx, Cuff—DJ Peter Deep Down Lounge—DJs Mojo, Jason H8e, Raw B Element—Fly Girls: DJs Chinky Eye, Krayz, the Fraggle Rock Crew, Kincora—Skate Visions: DJ Bobcat Last Supper Club—Industry Night: Guest DJs Lava Lounge—DJ Jimi Crash Neighbours—Nocha Latino: DJ Luis Noc Noc—Resurrection: DJ Shane, R Place—T Dance: DJ Dana Dub Re-bar—Flammable: DJs Wesley Holmes, guests Viceroy—DJ Curtis Vito's—Fascinator: Guest DJs Vogue—Fetish Night: DJ Eternal Darkness War Room—Snapback Sundays: DJ Curtis Whisky Bar—DJ Neil of Steel Capitol Club—The Peter Cramer Trio featuring Mack Grout and Tim Carey Central Saloon—Monday Metal Madness, Chop Suey—Mugicians, Charlie Lewis, Lemons & Stallions, 5-Track, Conor Byrne—Bluegrass Jam Easy Street Records Queen Anne—Mountain Goats (11 pm, all ages), free El Corazón—Whiskey Dick Darryls, Wack Job, guests, Funhouse—Broomsticks, El Jesus De Magico, the Histrionics, Jordan O' Jordan, Highway 99 Blues Club—Blue Monday, free Jazzbones—Butter Bean, Kells—Liam & Bernie Little Red Hen—Dave's Pickin' Crew Mirabeau Room—Howard Bulson Molly Maguire's—Open Mic with Brett, free Nectar—Marcus Eaton, free New Orleans Creole—The New Orleans Quintet Pink Door—DK Pan Trio, free Rainbow—Septimus, Showbox—Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes (8 pm, all ages), / Triple Door—Mycle Wastman, Jonathan Kingham, Dan Purser ( pm, all ages), / Tula's—Jazz Vocal Jam with Kelley Johnson and John Hansen, Bad Juju Lounge—Shock Therapy: DJ Black Arts, Notorious N. P., free Baltic Room—Jam Jam: Element, DJ Collage Belltown Billiards—Game Night: DJ Hernandez Hernandez Bus Stop—DJ Sleepdepdanceparty, guests Chapel—The Epochs Kincora—Psychotropic: DJs Scorpio, Whiplash Lava Lounge—Rockabilly Night: DJ Johnabilly Noc Noc—50 Cent Beer Night: DJ Shane Seattle Eagle—DJ TCTL Toi—DJ Sweet Chris Bell Tost Lounge—The Existential Detective Agency: DJs Sweet Chris Bell, Genay Fav, Stick Yo Hand in the Dirt, Fauxfaux, free Vogue—Blue Monday: Guest DJs, free War Room—Soul City Mondays: Circle of Fire, Capitol Club—Eric Jaeger & Encarnacian Central Saloon—Stash Black, Whiskey Dick Darryls, Nothing Pretty, Chop Suey— Vol.

Check out free game Mondays, “bear-eoke” Tuesdays or old school dance Sundays. This low-key spot is admittedly the nerd’s dream meeting spot for singles. The staff is friendly and the music is loud, so if you want to actually get to know someone you meet here, it’s probably best to take them out on the patio.

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Blue Moon—Pagasys Cafe Venus—The Epochs, Channel, H is for Hellgate, Central Saloon—Invading Melody (CD release), How and Lightning, Stonebenders, Comet Tavern—Kleveland, Ape City R&B, the Troglodytes, Conor Byrne—Thomas Lamaree, Bradley Wik, Brad Enga Crocodile Cafe—Diamond Hand, 17th Chapter, Big Splash Champion, Egan's Jam House—The Suffering Fuckheads, El Corazón—Three Days Grace, guests (9 pm, all ages), .50/ Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku—Marc Seales, Tad Britton, Jeff Johnson Fuel—39 Fingers, Pacific Rhyme Time, the Motives of Eric Zahn Funhouse—Wizards of Wor, Badd Haggis, guests, Hell's Kitchen—Mind Over Madder, Forcefed Trauma, Alone, 9 pm, High Dive—The Smile Brigade, Johanna Kunin, the Preons, Highliner—Invitational Showcase with John Weiss, free Highway 99 Blues Club—Highway 99 All-Stars, Jazz Alley—Marian Mc Partland ( pm, all ages), .50 Jazzbones—James Howlett Band, Kells—Liam Gallagher Legends—Tim Turner Band Little Red Hen—Nudie Suit Stardusters Neumo's—The Filthy None, Good Touching, PC Load Letter, / New Orleans Creole—Ham Carson Quartet, Paragon Restaurant & Bar—Goodybagg Pink Door—Tony Yazzolino and Steve Kamke, free Rainbow—Jed, George Orwell Experience, Rendezvous—Howlin' Lane Fernando & the Angels of Sun, Skylark Cafe and Club—Arkade, Resistor vs. (Seattle Drum School)—Indian Red, guests (7 pm, all ages), Little Red Hen—Knut Bell, Lobo Saloon—Rat City Riot, Dead Ex Molly Maguire's—Erin Mc Namee, free Mr.

Levator, Travis Hartnett, free Studio Seven—Bodog Battle of the Bands: Abraham Calleros, Sanction VIII, the Curse of Western Culture, Zero Year, Foolsbane, and many more (7 pm, all ages), Sunset Tavern—The Wakefields, the Bouchards, Tost Lounge—Marmalade, Tractor Tavern—Pete Droge, Korby Lenker, / Triple Door—Lagbajas ( pm, all ages), .50/ Tula's—Bert Gulhaugen John Hansen Vocal Showcase, 67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down Alibi Room—Fuckin' North Bada Lounge—Ladies' Night: DJ Tone, DV One Baltic Room—Kitchen: Riz, Kid Hops, AC Lewis, guests Belltown Billiards—College Night: DJ O'Ryan Bus Stop—DJ Freddy King of Pants Century Ballroom—DJ Pancho, Chapel—The Epochs Chop Suey—Lick: DJs Nice Jewish Boy, Mathmatix, Sappho, Club Mantra—DJs Roc'Phella, D, Element—Honey: DJs Chinky Eye, Tre, Krayz, Tone, Kidd, Wax (9 pm, 18 ), free Heavens—Ascension (underground house) Kincora—Kult: DJ Scorpio, free Last Supper Club—Openhouse: Guest DJs, free Lava Lounge—DJ & the Bear Lottie's Lounge—DJ Del Fuego, free Marcus'—Sub-Level: DJ Manos Mirabeau Room—Crave: DJ Ryan Milano Nectar—Passion for Massion Party, Neighbours—Rock Lobster: DJs Trent Von, Billy the Kid Noc Noc—Merciless: DJ Naha R Place—DJ Flo'w Re-bar—DMSR: DJ Misz, Seattle Eagle—Bareback Thursday: DJ Derek Jordan, guests Toi—DJ Greg J Trinity Nightclub—Thirdsday: Buckwild DJs Venom—Limelight: Mr. Spot's Chai House—Jimmy Bennington's Color and Sound (8 pm, all ages), free Neumo's—Silver Mt Zion, Carla Bozulich (8 pm, all ages), New Orleans Creole—Studebaker John, Old Fire House (Redmond)—Shotty, Hirohito and the Bomb, guests (8 pm, all ages), Owl N' Thistle—Paul Hanover Band Paradox—Siberian, Fractal Pattern, Joules, Nazca Lines ( pm, all ages), Pink Door—Tony Smiley Q Cafe—David Cho, Koo Chung ( pm, all ages), free Rainbow—The Opinions, Cone, Rendezvous—Methfest: Fetal Distress, Oops I Stepped in Some Christ, Arachnid Arcade, Boosatali, Showbox—The Bradbury Press, Handful of Luvin', the Trampolines, Ordinary State (8 pm, all ages), / Skylark Cafe and Club—Evil Twin, Once Over, Black Top Demon, free Studio Seven—Holotype, Basic Survival Mode, Esitu, Low Thin Square, Tredd, the Last Romance ( pm, all ages), Sunset Tavern—Thor, Zolar X, Dead Vampires, Thankless Dogs, Tommy's—Das Vibenbass Tost Lounge—Landau, Obelus, Fourthcity DJs, guests Trabant Chai Lounge—Raina Rose, Southpaw Jones (8 pm, all ages), free Tractor Tavern—Vicci Martinez, the Side Project, Triple Door—Sonny Landreth (8 pm, all ages), / Tula's—Randy Halberstadt Quintet, Alibi Room—DJ R Bad Juju Lounge—DJ Dusty, free Bada Lounge—DJ Tone Ballroom—DJ Casio Baltic Room—Metro: Soul One, Timbo, Belltown Billiards—Flirt: DJ Elad Bus Stop—DJs El Toro, Jerri Blank Chapel—Red Pony with Rebecca West Club Mantra—Let Loose Fridays: DJ D'Doxx, Cuff—DJ Harmonix Element—George Acosta, Sandman, Johnny Monsoon, Rufio, Richie Spoonz, / Heavens—Vegas Mash-Ups Jillian's—DJs E, Ben Jammin' Kincora—The Cave: DJ Haak and the Reverend of Rock Last Supper Club—DJ P Lava Lounge—DJ David James Marcus'—fnk DJ Mirabeau Room—Hollaback: DJs Vitamin D, Roc'Phella Nectar—Breaks & Freaks: Psidream, DJ Zacharia Neighbours—Fatigues Friday: DJ Billy the Kid Neighbours Underground—Frixion: DJ Fuel (18 ), Noc Noc—Definition: DJ BPM, Eva, Das Kindt, guests Paragon Restaurant & Bar—DJ Harke Attack R Place—DJ Queen Lucky Re-bar—DJ Riz, Rocksport—DJ Kenspiracy Seattle Eagle—Skin Job: DJ Mr.

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