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An undated charter records that Simon Earl of Northampton and Huntingdon enfeoffed Odonis de Domnomartino with terram de Bogeton..Wrastingewerd et terram de Bechansted [Buckden (Huntingdonshire), Wrestlingworth (Bedfordshire), Beachamstead (Huntingdonshire)], dated to [1152/53].His death during the early years of the reign of King Henry II is confirmed by the Red Book of the Exchequer which, in 1166, records that [his son] "Odonis de Danmartino" certified that pater meus had held one knights fee in Norfolk [unspecified] from avo vestro [King Henry I] et de vobis [King Henry II], which Odonis currently held from King Henry II (-after [1168], maybe after [1196/97]).The Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, records that "Manasseri de Danmartin" held one knights fee in Suffolk [maybe referring to Mendlesham, although this is not specified] after his father died, during the reign of King Henry I, which he had in tempore guerr (i.e.during the civil war) granted to "Galtero de Gornaco" and which was now (in 1166) held by Willelmus filius suus.["Aubri comes Dommartini" granted Norton, Suffolk to William de Donomart by undated charter, witnessed by Manasss de Dammartin, Bartholomew de Dammartin, Hamo de Dammartin and William his brother, Alan de Dammartin, Walter de Dammartin, Matthew de Dammartin, William the bastard, Gilbert de Dammartin and Roger his brother, and Philip de Dammartin.Evans indicated that this document could not be [dated] later than 1135.

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The 1186/87 Pipe Roll names "Odo de Dammartin, Comes Albericus de Dammartin" in adjacent entries in Norfolk and Suffolk, and in Surrey Odo de Dammartin..habenda custodia filii et terre Hugonis Pinc (-[1178/79]).Maybe the document is a later conflation of earlier charters.] Manasss de Dammartin, avec son pouse Galienne et ses fils Barthlemy, Eudes, Haimon, Guillaume et dautres donated property to Missenden by charter dated to before 1161. The Red Book of the Exchequer, listing scutage payments in [1190/91], records "comes Albericus" paying "iv s ix d" in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and of "Willelmus de Danmartin, Albericus de Danmartin", each paying "x s, i militem" in Norfolk, Suffolk (-after 1228).She was heiress of her paternal grandfather's estates by 1197.Ralph Archbishop of Canterbury confirmed the possessions of Lewes priory by charter dated 1121, including property "in episcopatu Wintoniensi...ecclesia de Gatetuna" donated by "Herfredus et... It is unclear from the full text of this document whether it was the same property jointly owned by the two donors which was donated, or whether the two individuals were unconnected.

[Lord of Mendlesham, Suffolk: the Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated 1212 which records that King Henry I granted "Mendlesh" in Suffolk to "Odoni de Danmartin" and that it was then held by "Robertode Burgatecum uxore sua heredi Willelmi de Danmartin".

The original of this charter has not been seen, but Evans indicated that the document could not be [dated] later than 1135. If it is correct, all the named individuals could not have been descended from Eudes [I], which would indicate that other Dammartin individuals accompanied him to England.