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Consumed with worry about his aunt's hospitalization, Peter was misunderstood as an unfriendly snob by Harry and Gwen.Because a previous transfusion of his radioactive blood to Aunt May was slowly killing her, Spider-Man enlisted aid from Dr. The antidote that had been called in to cure Aunt May was stolen, and Spider-Man fought like a madman to retain it.Search  Comics Movies Videos Games TV Characters Shop More News Images Apps Podcast Offers Cafe Press Marvel Comics Marvel Unlimited Marvel AR Avengers Alliance Follow: 4 * ( ' 3 2 # N (Recommended) 4 Login with Facebook Or login with: ( * ) OR Login with marvel account Need an account? Place of Birth Forest Hills, New York First Appearance Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Origin Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Significant Issues Occupation Known Relatives Group Affiliation Education Physical Attributes Powers Abilities Weapons Paraphernalia Launch Connections The bite of an irradiated spider granted high-school student Peter Parker incredible powers. A Gathering of Enemies Spider-Man soon found himself facing a rogue's gallery of powerful thieves, gangsters, and megalomaniacs including the Chameleon, the Tinkerer, the Vulture (Adrian Toomes), Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), the Sandman, Doctor Doom, and Electro. Curtis Connors after administering an antidote to reverse his transformation into the terrible Lizard.Sign up Wiki User Tools: Help View Page Source Spider-Man (Peter Parker) page tools (Redirected from Spider-Man) Universe Marvel Universe Real Name Peter Benjamin Parker Aliases Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man, the Spectacular Spider-Man, "Tiger," Spidey, Webhead, Webslinger, Wall-crawler, "Little Man"; formerly "the Amazing Octo-Spidey", Bag-Man, "Bookworm," Captain Universe, Dusk, Hornet, Mad Dog #336, Man-Spider, Prodigy, "Puny Parker," Ricochet, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Hulk, Spider-Phoenix Identity Secret Citizenship U. When a burglar killed his Uncle Ben, Peter vowed to use those abilities to protect his fellow man, driven by his uncle's words: With great power comes great responsibility! Though he had many enemies, he also shared adventures with the Fantastic Four (including rival the Human Torch), the Avengers, the X-Men and Daredevil.While Aunt May persisted with attempts to introduce Peter to Mary Jane Watson, the niece of neighbor Anna Watson, Spider-Man tackled organized crime led by the Crime Master and the Green Goblin.Tired of the Bugle's harassment, Peter tried selling pictures for the Daily Globe but gave up when the Globe's editor proved too nosy. A few days later, Peter returned home to find his beloved Uncle Ben had been shot and killed.

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Frustrated by their defeats at the hand of Spider-Man, six of his top villains gathered forces under Doctor Octopus to form the Sinister Six.Before Spider-Man could deliver the antidote, ISO-36, he was trapped under rubble in a battle with the "Master Planner” (revealed to be Doctor Octopus).Spider-Man courageously forced his way out to administer the elixir to Aunt May. Unlike heroes like the Fantastic Four or the Avengers, Spider-Man was mistrusted and feared by the public.

To help his Aunt May with finances, Peter took a freelance job at the Daily Bugle selling pictures of himself as Spider-Man to publisher J. Despite Spider-Man rescuing his son, astronaut John Jameson, from a malfunctioning space capsule, Jonah used his newspaper to publicly condemn Spider-Man as a menace.

While Aunt May convalesced, Peter relaxed and befriended Harry and Gwen.

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