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05-Jun-2016 09:30

This gets them a month’s worth of pills and the supply can be continued by “clinic hopping”: attending different hospitals every month using false names.

The falls in new HIV diagnoses among gay men at the four London health centres were announced last month.

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Right now, it’s impossible to know how these claims will fall out.

Higher rates of diagnosis and treatment cut new infections because HIV drugs slash the amount of virus in people’s genital fluids, lowering the risk of passing it on to almost zero.

In the UK, however, the use of Pr EP was low until it suddenly surged over the past year.

San Francisco saw a 17 per cent fall in infection rates in 2015.

But this decline has generally been attributed to a mix of better prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods, without singling out Pr EP.

“Something extraordinary has happened in the last 12 months because of a bunch of DIY activists working off our kitchen tables.” The medicine has been approved in the UK as a drug for preventing HIV infection in both men and women, but it isn’t yet available on the National Health Service. ’,” says Mags Portman of the Mortimer Market Centre in London, one of the clinics that has seen large declines in diagnoses. Straight people don’t use condoms all the time either.” To avoid paying £400 a month for private prescriptions of the brand-name drug Truvada, growing numbers are buying generic versions from online pharmacies in India and Swaziland for £40 a month, through a UK website called I Want Pr EP Now.