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He dug up the patch of soil and unearthed the piece of ancient jewellery.

"I knew immediately it was a penannular ring," he said. They are one of those things that you are always hoping to find but are quite rare - only one or two of them are found by metal detectors each year.

"You go out there to enjoy the location and the thrill of not knowing what you are going to find." He added: "It is a very 'anoraky' hobby.

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"The machine found something buried 12 or 14 inches [30cm-35cm] deep in the soil and made of a conductive metal, like gold or sil ver," said Mr Nobbs.Gillian Varndell, the curator on the pre-history and Europe department at the British Museum who authenticated the ring, said that the department was familiar with penannular (almost ringlike) rings, but did not know where they were worn or what significance they held.

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