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The ILI may keep flirting with the ESI: he tries to draw his attention to himself, comes up with reasons to meet him, playfully teases him and resumes courtship.In his turn, Dreiser does not shy away from these meetings, but nevertheless he starts holding himself with more estrangement and suspicion.This act seems very puzzling, but it can be explained from point of view of the psychology of their sociotypes and the mechanism of activity relations.[*translator's note: This is supposition of sensing priorities over ethical ones is more likely to occur for the sensory "irrational" subtype of ESI.Not just lonely, but suffering from his loneliness and waiting for a "savior" who will deliver him from this state.Moreover, this "call for a savior" is often picked up on and "read" not only by Dreiser, but by all ethical types of 3rd and 4th quadra.However, ethical sensing types ESI and SEE use a more direct, assertive, and energetic approach in "rescuing" the ILI than the approach used by ethical intuitive types EII and IEE. When he receives the "signal" of his activator, ESI begins to feel that he is exactly that person who would be able to deliver Balzac from his "imprisonment".

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He sees a man who is humble, friendly, intelligent, and - most importantly - very lonely.Dreiser, in these relations, assumes the role of such a "knight-liberator", attempting to pull Balzac out of his shell of inactivity as soon as possible.