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Here’s the abbreviated version of the key provisions: Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are not permitted to: First tactic is the ask them will they delete your debt off your credit report.if they can't do that tell them to give you a letter to be paid in full.I have become an unpaid, full-time, credit report auditor for the agencies who profit by making money off our consumer reports.I guess their duties pretty much stop once data is entered.Summaries reported me as having over 0,000 in debt balances and a debt ratio of 108%. I was forced to take responsibility for all the inaccurate reports.The burden of proof, regarding false reporting from unknown collectors/creditors that I was totally unaware of, had never corresponded with and did not have any past or present accounts with.They do not hold themselves accountable for monitoring reports for accuracy and updates, ensuring that correct credit reports are given...That's in my job description, evidently, not theirs. April 2013, I got a copy of my free annual credit reports. After tons of my own researching, comparing reports from all 3 reporting agencies, making correlations and connections of so many false, inaccurate, outdated, unfair, misleading...I had to keep disputing. I not only had to find all the invalid, derogatory reports, initiated the disputes, collected doc, wrote letters, ensured deletions were made and catch when a different named collector sends in same deleted acct.

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I really wish there was a law that made these agencies be held liable & make them be accountable for ruining peoples lives. So fight them if the statue of limitations has passed, make them spend money in courts and better off if you moved to a new state, sue them in your new state.If I wrote them a check and it was .50 cents short, they would have taken me to court and sued me for attorney’s fees and interest. They have been calling my home on an average of 12-16 calls a day? Just put up a Facebook page about a hobby that you would like to turn into a business. They kept calling me, asking repeatedly- When can I pay them, how much can I pay them. They never sent the retraction and flat-out lied to me. I CAN' T PAY ANY MORE BILLS THE THEFT I AM ALWAYS BROKE AND I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH YOU, POLICE REPORT, ALL 3 CREDIT AGENCYS, LEXINGTON LAW. The collection agency doesn't have to give you proof of anything? A collection agency MUST tell you who they are, where they are located, and also provide you with the collection agency registration numbers for their agents or their agency.