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For each, the pair snapped a new digital picture, then used high-tech software to erase water spots and restore colors. But she just couldn't bear to part with a few treasured pictures, including a portrait of her father, who had passed away, and a photo of her husband as a boy. "I didn't have a whole lot of hope they could fix them, but they did," Emily says."Almost every day I think about all the pictures I've lost."The joy of just feeding them was enough for me."For four days, Christy spent nearly 20 hours a day cooking burritos, chicken, steak sandwiches and other food from her restaurant, and serving slices of the cafe's signature apple pie.

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But sometimes all it takes is one person to give us the help we need to make it through— like these four extraordinary women. Six months earlier, in the middle of the night on November 6, 2005, a tornado had struck her town, taking the lives of her 2-year-old son, C. The three had been having a sleepover at her grandmother-in-law's mobile home.

I'm so happy to have these two."In the five years since Katrina, Operation Photo Rescue—now headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with more than 2,000 volunteers—has collected thousands of pictures ruined by floods, hurricanes and tornadoes in such states as Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana.

Volunteers make "copy runs" to disaster areas across the country to gather damaged photos from survivors; operating costs are covered by donations and grants.

But less than 24 hours after fleeing to safety, Christy Connell, 46, co-owner of the Julian Bakery and Cafe, raced back home.

"I'd heard from one of the volunteers helping evacuees that the firefighters battling the blaze didn't have anything to eat," she says.Exhausting as it is running the bus in addition to working full-time as a township trustee, it's what Kathryn feels she was meant to do.