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The players were all born in Great Britain except the center half and captain James Dodds Watson, an Argentine native born in Buenos Aires.

The following year (1900), as there was still no promotion, Banfield retained the Second Division championship.

Club Atlético Banfield is an Argentine sports club located in the city of Banfield, Buenos Aires.

Founded on 21 January 1896 by town residents of British origin (mostly from England and some from Scotland and Ireland), Banfield is mostly known for its football team, which was recently relegated to the Nacional B, the second division of the Argentine football league system.

The team made poor campaigns, with less than 300 supporters per game.

In December 1910, a Banfield squad including William Peterson, Roger Jacobelli, Amador García, Carlos Lloveras, Galup Lanus and Bartholomew, amongst others, faced Racing in a two legged playoff for a place in the top division.In late 1938 a group of members proposed to young entrepreneur Florencio Sola to take over the presidency of the club.