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In 2009 a group of researchers in Italy conducted a study to see if an isotonic formula of a known highly effective antioxidant behaved differently on the body compared to the same antioxidant in tablet form.Isotonix OPC-3® is a powdered antioxidant blend that when mixed with the appropriate amount of water becomes “isotonic“.Isotonic means “same concentration” and is an ideal ratio between solid and liquids that our bodies convert what we ingest into before it can pass into the small intestine.The four hour test compared Isotonix OPC-3® in a tablet form to Isotonix OPC-3® in its standard isotonic form.

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Even in this group, 51% had significantly low levels of vitamin D.

The tablet form did eventually reduce free radicals substantially as well, but seriously lagged behind the isotonic form thorough out the four hour test .