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We were also perhaps the first print magazine to switch to 16:9 when it was tentatively introduced on Xbox, so you can see the pieces coming into place.When I went freelance in about 2008 — which is when I effectively started Dead End Thrills — I was already pretty much playing games exclusively to take pictures.So, you make look like Frazetta’s Conan, perhaps, or a driving game look like a supercar brochure.Most games betray these aspirations through their concept art or marketing, so that in itself can be a target.f you love games, you’ve probably crossed paths with Dead End Thrills, a niche website dedicated to capturing single frames of video games in beautiful, overwhelming quality.When I first found the site, I was stunned as to how the artist had taken small, hyper-specific moments from games I’d played and arranged them so stunningly.I found that more rewarding, challenging, and unpredictable than the gameplay itself.It was also very obvious that there was more art in many games than players cared to look at during gameplay, so there was value to it.

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Did you have a photography background or did you find your footing in this medium?

Magazines nowadays tend to accept publisher screenshots, but that wasn’t acceptable back then, mostly for practical reasons.