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21-May-2016 13:50

The rest of the house really came down on him (unlikely in real life, I would think), and he dumped her. A survey of more than a thousand people found a staggering 89 per cent of men...preferred a bed partner with more meat on their bones.The arc ended when he realized she was the best thing that had happened to his love life, and he tried to go back to her; but she had moved on, and was with another man. Respondents to the Silentnight survey felt curvier partners were more considerate of their feelings, try harder to impress, are more "giving" and have "more to love" than their stick-thin rivals... Apparently skinny people have more pressure points where blood settles in their body - forcing them to toss and turn more frequently than their plumper counterparts. Silentnight sleep scientist Iftikhar Mirza said: Curvy women all over should be feeling pretty happy right now. People compare yesterday's supermodels favourably with today's anorexics, but those size-6 models were underweight too.Here is the link: And the facts: A whopping 85% of single men professed their love for heavier women...Since the beginning of time, men and women have failed to understand each other and this latest poll shows that this continues.And once "over"weight women realize that men aren't looking for a thin woman, they'll have a lot more self-confidence when dating, which will ultimately result in more successful romances." Some of you will be thinking - "Do they just mean 'overweight' as in faux-plus? The survey specifically determined just how full-figured a woman can be for men to find her attractive.Here is the result: So not only are 85% of men attracted to "over"weight women, nearly 80% even find so-called "obe**" women attractive!I witnessed what these images can do to a young woman while attending college in the '80s when the term supermodel first came into vogue.Many times I watched a girl diet herself to illness...fretting over each little thing she managed to swallow.

That's what the media has taught them to believe--and women, even more than men, have a tragic tendency to accept media propaganda as the gospel truth, as a genuine depiction of reality.

In other words, the vast majority of men even find women who are way beyond "plus-size" absolutely gorgeous. 90% are of the delusion that men only find thin women attractive. It shows, once again, how terribly brainwashed women are by the media about what ideal beauty really is, and about who men actually find attractive.

The media have a lot to do with it, even beyond the anorexic images of women that are all over the screen. You might break something." But women couldn't believe we felt that way.

Really, there is no reason for any model to be any skinnier than a faux-plus model.

Many of the models who are passed off as "plus-size" today should be what companies use to represent straight-size fashion, and then the actual plus-size models should be TRULY plus (size 16 or better).

While the majority of men have no issue with an "over"weight woman, 90% of women think men find extra weight unattractive, and that heavy women have a much harder time dating.