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09-Jun-2016 09:20

This makes us laugh: Here she’s finally decided to come out and live her life as a woman, she wears frilly, lacy blouses, and NOW they’re calling her “Sir,” when they never did so pre-transition. She says she is resigned to looking weird, and to having people stare at her, and to having her face “look awful” (her words). She is all these to me…and yes, I admit that I am slightly prejudiced. In fact, I don’t know that I have any friends who might be considered beauty queens (or kings); they are all just regular folks.

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This is an extremely hot topic in the trans community, as you might imagine.

We are reporting on public documents available on the Internet about these legal actions. In a previous 4th Wave Now post, we documented the proliferation of gender surgeons who perform mastectomies and “bottom surgeries.” Some of them, including San Francisco surgeon Curtis Crane, have publicly indicated their willingness to operate on patients under the age of 18.