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05-Nov-2016 05:18

Today it’s about switching to a mobile responsive site, tomorrow – who knows? Traffic is the fuel that keeps every digital business and website going. It doesn’t really make a difference in which niche or market a particular business operates online – generating quality traffic should always be on the top of their to-do list.Every smart online business is interested in receiving something more than just random clicks from random Internet users.As you know, in the affiliate world, it is crucial to make the most of every traffic source.This is why you cannot risk losing mobile traffic because of jumbled texts, poorly resized images or endless scrolls.In the past, webmasters would have two separate websites – one for desktop and the other for mobile. However, having one responsive website implies easier maintenance and lower costs, as well as having all the analytics and reporting consolidated in one place.Most importantly, it provides a seamless user experience.Maybe even more so, because the Google’s staff wasn’t really shy about explaining how the engine will calculate the rankings in the near future.

In order to keep their positions in search for targeted keywords in the upcoming year, brands will need to make sure that the mobile versions of their sites are fully optimized, like their desktop ones.In a sense, that is what qualifies as “quality traffic.” Regardless of the fact that this is a pretty vague concept for online brands that haven’t defined their buyer/user personas in detail yet, it’s still something that keeps companies afloat.In order to stimulate the right type of audience to visit their site, businesses invest in different strategies and do basically everything in their power to master only one big traffic source that will bring them the visits they want.Imagine your flow of traffic that you receive from, let’s say – Google, as a train.

After the latest Penguin algorithm update was released, the train stops passing through your town.

Even though in theory this feels like the right strategy for getting the desired type of people to discover your brand and business online, in practice this plan is actually full of holes.

Disponiamo dei maggiori maschi del settore motociclistico: AGV, Airoh, Bayard, Dainese, Dane, Daytona, eroe, HJC, Jofama, Nolan, Rokke, Tetto, Rukka, Schuberth, Shark, Shoei, Sidi, Uvex e X-Lite.… continue reading »

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It’s a subject that seems to never die — see yesterday's Guardian feature on "Paying while dating" — because there are always a subset of men who insist that it’s absolutely unfair that as the world has gotten closer to gender equality, men are still expected to pick up the check.… continue reading »

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Ghanaian beats (the rhythms of 'hiplife' and 'highlife') blast from bars and taxis as the smell of grilled fish and bubbling rice combine to overwhelm the senses.… continue reading »

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